shhh…, keep it quiet Monday 12 December, 2011

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Over 12,000 portraits given in 2011

More, more, more than ever before

2011 free portraits season sets new benchmarks

Over 12,000 free portraits!

That’s right, our volunteers turned in a whopping +12,000 portraits for the 2011 season!
And so let us smile along with all the beautiful people who allowed us to give them a portrait.

Give me the stats buddy!

• Shooting period: 24 September to 10 December
• Number of events undertaken: 95 [of which 13 were cross-border into Swaziland]
• Number of participating photographers: over 50 [of the registered group total of 150]
• Number of portraits given: over 12,990 [of which 844 were in Swaziland]

On Help-Portrait day, Saturday 10 December, over 1,200 portraits were given at 7 different locations in Soweto!

…shhh, now keep it quiet …

…because it’s not about us. – it’s not about our photos and it’s not about our equipment. It’s not even about our efforts or even about our giving. It’s not about achievements.

It’s all about all those beautiful people that you reached out to and gave a reason to smile. It’s about what we don’t yet know. It’s about the restoration, the connection you made and about the lasting memory you have created.

So if you must shout, shout loud about what you felt and learnt out in the field for Help-Portrait. Tell others about what it now means to you and invite them to sign-up and get involved.

Now what?

Chill, relax, savour the moment. When your have a bout of nostalgia, check out the map of all the places we gave portraits.

click to expand the map | click on the camera icons for each specific event’s details

click on the camera icons for each specific event’s details

Then check out the pix!

Click on the image for a slide show of pics taken on-set and during portrait shoots![AFG_gallery id=’1′]
Click on the image for a slide show of pics taken during delivery and presentation of portraits![AFG_gallery id=’2′]

Final instructions for volunteers **

Raise right arm, bend at elbow and place hand on the back of your left shoulder
Pat self generously and repeat “Well done, well done!

** …borrowed from Don Bowler of Stop Hunger Now SA

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