Free Portraits 2012 Begins! Monday 06 August, 2012

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Season Opening Events – 1 September @ Orange Farm, Johannesburg

Orange Farm, here we come!

Free Portraits for residents

Our 2012 Free Portraits season opening events will be held on Saturday 1 September in Orange Farm. It’s a relatively large community that has developed from an informal settlement into a township that lies approximately 45km south of Johannesburg.

Scroll the map, drag or zoom to view the area and click on the icons for descriptions of each of the events.
Click to View Orange Farm Shoot Locations – Opening Events, Saturday 1 September 2012 in a larger map

Are you thinking?

“Oh gosh, will we photograph all of them?”
Definitely not! We are only offering portraits at a limited number of venues. In addition, many may not choose to have their portrait taken, but we’ll take portraits of as many people as we are able to up to 13h00 on the day! The current record is over 1,600 portraits at a single session. Shall we try and beat that?!

It’s going to be an adventure! An adventure of tired feet, dirty jeans, heavy shoulders and yet, very broad volunteer smiles!

About the events

These events mark the opening of the 2012 Free Portraits season. It is also the maiden offer of free portraits to the community in Orange Farm and it is being extended to all the residents through a number of select organisations and venues in the area.

Many of the portrait subjects will be pre-school, primary and orphaned children. There are also events for residents of disabled and old aged homes. Local residents and community leaders will be present at all venues and you are sure to be met with a warm and lively welcome. So, do come “hug-ready”!

We will be shooting from a number of venues, including an open event at the Orange Farm Community Multi-Puprose Hall. This venue will be open to all residents whereas, others may be restricted to separate groups: school children, adults or the elderly. Each of the shoot  locations is located in an existing property and is in an enclosed area. There will also be local community residents to help with keeping order.

All you need to do is shoot portraits. And if you wish to shoot at more than one venue, that will be ok too!

Click to download a complete outline of the Season Opening Events

Essential details

Date: Saturday, 1 September;
Shoot location: Orange Farm. Zoom on the area map above;
Meeting point: 07h45 for 08h00 at KFC, Palm Springs Mall;
How 2 get there from home?: Click here to plan your travel from home to the meeting point;
How 2 get there from Grasmere Toll Plaza on the N1?: Click here for the last 12,5km to the meeting point;
@08h00: Coffee, final briefing and a short drive over at 08h30 to start shooting at 09h00;
RSVP for individual events here. A separate note will be sent to you with advice and tips about what to expect, what to bring, etc. It’s comfort candy for first-time shooters!

Ok, let’s get on with it shall we!

If you’ve missed some of the action in past years, no worries – we’d love you to join us and add your smile and talents alongside other new faces.

So come on, RSVP here and then grab your gear and do what you love to: behind the lens capturing portraits and being a part of this awesome movement.

Bookmark these sites

Homepage – all information and links;
Group Page – connect with other volunteers
• Event list here or here – RSVP for events
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Quick-check that you are connected

• to the Google Group here so that you can receive group-wide notices. If you are not, subscribe on the right hand side of that page;
• to the group on the global Help-Portrait community here and if not, login and select “+Join…” next to your login name on the right of the page.

And if you’re new, just start here and we’ll help you through the rest.
eNuf talk, action speaks louder than words: Alrighty, let’s do this!


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