2012 | On set Saturday 01 September, 2012

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Free Portraits | Sat, 1 Sep – Sat, 8 Dec 2012

Behind the Scenes and On set

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Infact, we would be delighted if you would support us by sharing these images with your family, friends and others in your social networks.

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We would love you to share as many of these images with your family, friends and in your social networks as part of contributing to a wave of interest in our Free Portraits programme!

How to share to FaceBook or Twitter:
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The collection is freely available to the public to view, share and download for use.

To download an image:
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– click on “Download the [size choosen] of this image“.

Free Portraits is the mainstay programme of Ubuntu Help-Portrait. It is the direct response to the challenge to go out and take, then give free printed portraits to people in needy communities. Over approximately 14 weeks leading up to Help-Portrait day – which is always the second Saturday in December – volunteers of Ubuntu Help-Portrait go out to a number of organisations and communities to take and then give free portraits.

The heart of this programme is to give the gift of a free portrait to people who could not otherwise afford it!

The collection is freely available to the public to view, share, download and use as part of supporting the Free Portraits programme.

For more information about Free Portraits:
click here to read more online; or
click here to view a collection of on-set and behind-the-scenes images taken during Free Portraits events.

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